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parajumpers ugo down jacke

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Parajumpers coats, Parajumpers bomberjackets and parkas are built to last, and a welcome addition to any wardrobe.About ParajumpersOur Parajumpers clothing is 100 the true factor, and designedto be incredibly practical. Made from laborious-sporting nylon, with multi cargo pocketsand fur trimmed hoods, youll be prepared for any climate this winter.

The most effective jackets for the Fall (and Winter if you dwell in a climate like Southern California) are bombers, trucker & flight jackets, in addition to utility (aka M65 aka Safari aka Field) jackets. Now, which one it's best to put on will depend on your body kind and the way you will be wearing it. But I'll get into that shortly.

We love a brand with a narrative and this one is actually fascinating. It began with a chance meeting between Parajumpers' creator, Massimo Rossetti, and a serving member of the 210th Rescue Squadron in an Alaskan bar. Except for sounding like the opening scene of a fantastic film, this is also the place Rossetti discovered his inspiration for the Parajumpers clothing line.