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parajumper jackets italy

You've likely guessed already, right? It's the auto dealers associations. Not only is the Nationwide Vehicle Sellers Affiliation (NADA) number 19 on the top all-time political donations list , but gross sales from auto sellers account for about 15 percent of all retail gross sales within the US (based on 2012 data from NADA ). When an business accounts for multiple-seventh of the nation's whole retail sales, that industry has some political clout. When that industry also has a heavy-hitting political foyer arm in Washington, DC, it's miles extra powerful.

Depart it to the people of Colorado to be obsessed with something as healthy as salmon. Whether baked, boiled, seared or grilled, salmon is a superb selection for anyone looking to shield their heart (and their waistline). It's filled with omega-3 fatty acids, which your physique can't make by itself. Omega-3s promote wholesome joints and glowing pores and skin, all whereas decreasing your danger of heart disease. What's extra, salmon can pack as much as fifty eight % of your daily recommended worth of protein per 4-ounce serving. Kudos, Colorado.

Gdy wokół szaro i zimno sięgamy po owoce południowe, które dodają nam energii, są źródłem wielu cennych składników, uzupełniają zimowy niedobór witamin. Banany zanurzone w cieście, usmażone i polane słodkim, aromatycznym miodem smakują jak ciasto bananowe, a wyglądają jak oryginalny deser.

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